Acceptance Counselling


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A person with rainbow face paint.

04 April 23


The Lingo........

 A Model I use in supervision

04 April 23

The 7 Eyed Model

My supervision practice


06 April 23

Trans, non-binary and LGB plus work

Love to work with a range of gender and sexuality Identities - please feel assured any position in ok

Rainbow coloured crayons.

06 April 23

Neurodiversity is OK

This remains as passion - I have a nephew on the spectrum - there is often an overlap in the LGBT plus community


19 July 23


KRCS offer a small niche of counselling services for clients, therapists and Supervisors


19 July 23

TCES A complete online Education

A bespoke education solution for neuro-diverse people My nephew Dan engages very well here :)

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